Waterflex Elly-


• AISI 316L stainless steel quality
• Wide paddles with straps
• Can be used with bare feet
• White stabilising pads
• Oscillating lever arms
• Anti-corrosion steel treatment
• Non-scratch silicone wheels

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Circuit-training or combining a water bike with several items of water equipment. The idea is to create a circuit of workstations to engage in several activities during the same session. You tone your buttocks, sculpt your legs, develop your stamina and burn calories, while being massaged by the water. You vary the enjoyment, achieve higher results and enhance the attractiveness of your pool with popular activities.

Cross-trainer pool bike The ELLY is a complete exercise apparatus which combines the benefits of rowing, cross-country skiing, stepping and cycling.
The Elly allows you to synchronously use all the muscles of the body. The secret lies in its elliptical action designed to reproduce as closely as possible the natural movement of running while protecting the joints from impacts. The apparatus consists of a shaft on which are fixed two long pedals connected to two vertical handles (lever arms).

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Finish: Brushed steel with anti-corrosion treatment
Built-in Oscillating lever arms with perforated paddles
Adjustments No
Dimensions: L 112cm x W 56cm x H 175cm
Weight 26kg
Water depth 1.00m to 1.50m

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