Aqua bicycle Aquaness V5-


  • French quality
  • Light and robust
  • Simple and reliable technical design
  • Optimal stability
  • Very easy to move

Aquabike AquaNess V5 is ideal for the whole family and people with reduced mobility. Universal, it is suitable for both outdoor and shallow pools.

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Colors: White, Slate gray, Glass of water, Sky blue, Light blue, Yellow, Pink, Red
Materials: Frame, Handlebar, Pedalboard: Marine Grade Aluminum - 6000 Series
Nuts and bolts: Stainless A4
Blades: Anatomical pedal with foot arch (for pedaling barefoot) in neoprene with clip-on strap
Two-component epoxy paint, high resistance to salt and chlorine (controlled pH)

Weight: 12,3 kg
Recommended water height: 1 m
Maximum water height: 1,60 m
Ground clearance (height of the crank axle): 30 cm
Floor space: 66 cm
Coatings protection: Standard suction cups, compatible with all coatings


Saddle height adjustable by MTB collar, quick release
Overall height adjustment
Adjustable handlebar
Pedal resistance to adjust under the pedals before the session

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