AQUAFIT is the brand of AQUATECH which has been successfully operating for 23 years. We specialize in creating high quality private and public pools, fountains, saunas, spa and wellness centers. Recognizing our clients' wishes and needs, we have enriched our range of products with aqua fitness equipment by renowned manufacturers.

Aqua fitness training improves the general condition of the body, strengthens the muscles, accelerates the loss of excess pounds and cellulite, stimulates blood circulation, and delivers rapid, but long-lasting results.

Water increases resistance and thus increases the intensity of exercise. Because of the water intake, body weight is reduced by 50%, which reduces the risk of injury to ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints – with aqua fitness in a pleasant water medium, in less time we do more!

Exercising with aqua bikes is appropriate for everybody: women and men, young and middle aged, those who want to lose a few pounds and to strengthen muscles, athletes and complete beginners.

Aqua fitness training is so much more than just turning the pedals. Our belief is that after exercising you should feel satisfied, empowered and relaxed. Or, simply put, you should feel good!